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Welcoming Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox // Growing Vitality::

Where the day + night are of equal measure. The balance slowly begins to tip in favour of the Sun. Life is gaining momentum.

Looking around we see small but mighty vitality popping up everywhere: Dewy, fresh green leaves + buds, a scattering of pastel pink blossoms + droplets of sunshine in the form of yellow Daffodils and Dandelions.

Vibrant Spring energy is something we can connect with in our inner world too.


is a time for Spring cleans [within + without]

-The Sun spills its light onto dusty corners + clutter, offering us the opportunity to consider what is no longer needed.

What can we let go of to make way for new growth?

P I N P O I N T + S I F T out energy drains.

An overflowing + underused wardrobe. Lack of self-belief. Uninspired social media scrolling. Too much news consumption. Excessive worry.

Any situation or thing that drains your vital life energy is too heavy + lifeless for you.

Travel L I G H T. Now is a time for letting go + channelling fresh growth.

P L A N T seeds.

What does your inner heart want to see bloom?

Lay down, cherish + cultivate any aspect of you that you wish to express, any dream you would like to manifest. With time, love + consistency anything is possible.

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