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Metta Meditation

Metta Meditation

Maitrī :: Metta :: Loving Kindness 🌸

May you be free from suffering

May you be safe + protected

May you feel deep healing + love.

Metta / Maitrī practices are vital to Buddhism for a peaceful mind + loving heart.

We can practise by holding compassion in our heart.. But how?

One way is by imagining our self as a central point of love and radiating outwards.

First, we can start by feeling a love for the ‘more easy’ things first.. a cat, a human, a sunset, a flower. Note how you care for this being and wish them free from harm.

Then try allowing the circle to expand beyond the things that are less ‘easy’ to love. Perhaps to people the other side of the world that you’ll never meet, the inconsiderate neighbour or the people in pain who cause others pain.

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