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We are striving for a sustainable future, supporting activists and global projects, working alongside artisans and communities with creative visions. Each design is created using natural materials and/or traditional techniques, a diverse range of styles from around the world dating back 1000s of years to more recent times, all with a meaning, cause or story behind them.

Here's a little look at our collaborations, projects and the people behind the scenes of Kanoa and their stories.


A Collaboration with

The Ladies of Lumago


Here's what the minds behind this inspiring cooperative have to say:

"We believe that investing in women will have a far-reaching impact in alleviating poverty.

We believe that giving new life to used materials is a small, but important step in preserving our environment.

We believe that being socially responsible means being an ambassador for change."

- Becky & Spencer, Lumago Designs

Find out more about their story by clicking on the link above or browse our freedom collection:

"Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics." - Victor Pinchuk

Working towards making a positive change through creativity, alongside other artists offering their support across Indonesia, through music, street art and live paintings, we started a collaboration

with the Ric O'Barry Dolphin Project & The Free Bali Dolphin Project to support and raise money for dolphins in captivity across the world.


Our handcrafted bracelets are made from recycled Indonesian glass and are available online via our website:


For more information, ongoing campaigns and to find out you can help please follow the link below: Ric O'Barry Dolphin Project


Other Collaborators: @InnerChildMovement Street Artists: // @LittleBeni //@Kmis3official #FreeBaliDolphins

"1 in 3 of the world's poor and over half of the trafficked victims that make up modern day slavery live in India."


These candle pots are handcrafted in the Dharavi slum of Mumbai. Your purchase supports the work of Life Association with the Dalit people of India and helps to provide a loving home and Education for the orphans and vulnerable children in India.


Manchester Bee Bracelets

In collaboration with The Men's Room & MASH; two incredible organisations based in Manchester supporting Men, Women & Trans people facing homelessness and/ or engaging in sex work around Manchester. 2 of the Kanoa ladies work closely with both projects and have seen first hand what a brilliant job the people behind the scenes are doing to raise awareness and empower some of the most marginalised people on our streets today.

£5 of each sale goes directly to MASH & The Men's Room.

Recycled Sari Collection

Our recycled sari clothing comes from collecting an array of vibrant coloured and intricately patterned secondhand fabrics from homes all over India. They are then given a new lease of life by being taken to a small factory in Rajasthan where talented tailors transform these beautiful textiles into unique pieces of clothing. 

With every sale of our sari clothing a donation will be given to the Railway Children, a charity that fights for the protection of street children in India, East Africa and the UK. With each purchase £5 will be given to the Railway Children, which is enough to feed a child 3 meals a day for a week in a shelter in India.

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