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Hello September

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

:: September ::

A time to celebrate the bounty of the natural world + our own inner landscape.

As the S U N is slowly setting on Summer it is time to look back + take stock of all we received and hard earned this year.

Around us golden flecked grains sprout high towards the Sun whilst rich red + deep purple berries burst out from the hedgerows.

The abundance of Nature is surely something to marvel at. She is the ultimate provider and must be celebrated + honoured for her nourishing power.

Coming full C I R C L E it is time to celebrate in our inner world too.

Each day, even on a subtle level each of us is creating, growing, breathing, moving, being.

Recognise your evolution so far this year + tend to the fruits of your labour….

Have you given yourself a moment to feel proud of what you have achieved?

Have things blossomed + grown in a way you desire? If no, reflection is not seasonal + each day is a fresh chance for small changes. Your inner wisdom understands there are other paths to walk on + your inner strength knows you can walk them.

Whether it’s a new mindset or a handful of berries, celebrate and cherish these rich offerings. With Autumn’s crispy, coolness on the doorstep it is wise to preserve Summer’s abundance, it may provide vital fuel for our bodies + minds over the coming months.

Crystal Grid Created by Gail

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