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Herb Bundle Making

With all this rain and sporadic Sunshine so many herbs and flowers are in abundance. Our lavender and sage has grown pretty wild so we decided to give them a little prune and a little more room for fresh growth.

From the cuttings we've made them into bundles which can be dried and then burnt. Quite a gorgeous process which for me offered connection and mindfulness... So we thought we'd share the process in case you'd like to make your own!

1. Trim the herbs back, stems included, we took cuttings from 3 types of sage and lavender.

2. Separate the different herbs into bunches and choose whether you'd like to make a few bundles or one big one, depending on how much pruning you've done.

3. Choose your twine, string, raffia or a natural vine that can be used to tie the herbs together and be burnt.

4. Get creative with how you'd like to assemble your bundle and whether you'd like to add anything to the base of the bundle which doesn't necessarily need to be burnt (crystals/ palo santo/ wood).

5. Start wrapping the bundle in place using your chosen twine. I find tying the base first and working up and down works easiest as it gives you a nice strong start and finish. As the herbs dry they take up less space so tying them together quite tight helps keep them nestled together nicely.

6. Hang your bundle or bundles up to dry for a few weeks and enjoy!

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