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Agate :: The Seeker Transformer Stone

The Seeker Transformer Stone

enhancing... protection | inner stability | wisdom | self expression | decision making | equanimity | self confidence | loyalty | fidelity | strength | concentration | harmony | courage | creativity | awareness

colour :: almost every colour seen on Earth

Agate, an aura cleanser and variety of banded stones from the Chalcedony family, offers protection, carrying a stabilising and strengthening energy. Agate has many distinctive styles and patterns, each one totally unique from one another. They can be found banded with stripes, swirls or layers, specks of colour and 'eye' markings. Also known as the 'Earth Rainbow' due to their banded nature of nearly every colour that can be seen on Earth.

A compass, pointer and director. A stone for the wanderer, explorer, hunter, adventurer and researcher. A fresh start talisman enabling the human mind to path it's way to new horizons and capabilities. By transforming ourselves, we can transform life.

Agate's harmonising qualities help balance the mind, body and soul, balancing the yin and yang, synthesising the positive and negative energies surrounding us and within us. The fascinating and ever evolving world of Agates will resonate with each of the different Chakras depending on their colours.

the history...

Agate's name derives from the Achetes River in Sicily where it was first found. Discovered with the artefacts of the Neolithic people and was said to have been kept as a powerful amulet with medicinal properties for centuries before. Dating as far back as Babylon and continuing with it's healing powers through the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations, spreading out across Africa, the Middle East and Russia to more recent times. Agate found it's way to Germany where it became so popular that stonecutting industry had little time to cut anything else. A guardian of warriors and seafarers on the seas. Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, naturalist and philosopher once said it made it's wearers "agreeable and persuasive and give them God's favour" enabling them to vanquish any earthly obstacles. Believed to protect one from the Evil Eye and to take on the watchfulness of one's guardian spirit.

A helping hand and remedy for... travel | pregnancy | baby blues | writing | learning to walk | career | security | insomnia | bad dreams | trauma | anger | relationships | competition | success

We have a variety of Agate available in it's natural form, bracelets or necklaces. We also offer a bespoke service, designed to compliment your intentions and we'd be more than happy to create a unique piece of jewellery specially for you or a loved one...

Please pop us an email to find out more

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