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Symbolism of Spirals

one of the earliest examples of human creative expression.

Spirals can be found in abundance in nature throughout our surroundings, encrypted in all of us, animals, plants, planet earth, across galaxies and the entire universe. From the very beginning it has inspired humanity as one of the oldest and most mysterious sacred symbols, emerging in nearly every civilisation of the ancient world, it is one of the earliest examples of human creative expression.

All we need to do is look around us, at the curve of a wave, remains of a fossil or a photo of the milky way to realise the omnipresence of spirals around us and before us. The oldest societies known to mankind transformed the spiral from just a pattern in nature to a symbol to be worshipped, adored and recreated in art.

In more recent times Fibonacci has explored the concept further from a mysterious design to a logical sequence that can be applied scientifically and mathematically to all spirals in nature. Consequently it has become more embedded in art processes than ever before, influencing the likes of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man and the Mona Lisa. Still to this day spirals manage to intertwine mystery, nature, science, mathematics and art to create one distinctive symbol connecting us all. This may explain the attraction and fascination of the spiral across humanity and it's resonance with the human spirit.

Thanks to the talented artisans in India, we are honoured to share this intriguing and beautiful design with you through the Kanoa jewellery range, Spiral Collection.

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