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New Eco Range

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As we know and may imagine, life around the world is vast and varied with pockets of good and bad. For many this year, life as we usually know it has dramatically changed in variety of ways due to our global pandemic.

Through working with Lumago Designs; a female social enterprise in Dumaguete, we have been kept up to date with their ongoings on a regular basis.

So here's part of their story and a little glimpse into to the lives of their community in Candau-ay over quarantine and lockdown...

Back in March the President of The Philippines declared a State of Calamity. With so many communities living hand to mouth, it was hard to imagine how so many issues were going to be tackled. At the beginning of lockdown, each household within Lumago's area of Candau-ay was given 5kg of rice by the local authorities which would suffice for 2/3 days for one family as rice is the main nutrient of every meal. Each household within the province needed a quarantine pass to go to the market and essential places only 2 days a week, but the authorities could not produce enough and up to 20 households were sharing one pass. The lockdown restricted all Husband's of the ladies from working in one shape or form, luckily the ladies of Lumago were able to work from home and help support the families, which of course has always been their aim but not necessarily the main source income.

Though everywhere on a global scale there has been heightened panic and fear, loss and sadness, it can be comforting to focus on whatever positives there possibly can be… there has been bravery and selflessness, a coming togetherness and thankfully creativity has managed to keep spirits high... Becky and the ladies of Candau-ay are a wonderful example of this, their motto is triple bottom line sustainability, 'people planet promise’ which is what our people and our planet are in such desperate need of.

So a big thanks to the incredibly inspiring Lumago ladies! Having received our latest order of recycled paper beads, we will be turning them into earrings and bracelets using sterling silver and crystal beads.

We are very excited to get collaborating on this new range and to spread some Filipino vibrance with you.

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