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Spreading A Little Joy This Spring...

Mandala: A Sanskrit word which loosely translated means circle representing wholeness, unity and harmony.

Mandalas can be created anytime any place, using your environment and surroundings, delving into nature or picking up any art tool and tapping into your creativity...

Create your own beautiful Mindful Mandalas...with our 15 piece template set. Creating a mandala is absorbing to a level that it quietens the chattering mind bringing a peaceful level of consciousness.

The templates are cut by Mike in Manchester from beech wood.

We'd love to see some of the Mandalas you have created or any inspirations you may have found, they're a wonderful way to spread joy within and to share with others. You can always do them as a team activity or as you wish in your own solitude and peace.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information or visit our online shop if the Mandala Set is something you'd like to be posted out to you...

We are now offering 20% off everything on our online treasure trove, please use the code joy2020 at the checkout and enjoy :)

Love, Kanoa x

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