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Smokey Quartz :: A Stone of Power

CRYSTAL OF THE MONTH Smokey Quartz, A Stone of Power... Enhancing: Protection | Concentration | Strength | Enthusiasm | Calm | Survival Instincts | Rationality | Organisation | Communication | Focus | Cooperation | Growth | Equanimity | Engagement | Direction | Connection to the Earth | Transformation | Relaxation | Reconnection Colour: Greys & Browns Chakra: Root Chakra / Muladhara  Smokey Quartz, a powerful manifestation tool said to help steer life in the direction you choose, helping to create and change your dreams into reality. It's believed this crystal's incredible power is to absorb significant amounts of negative energy, releasing it into the Earth to be neutralised naturally. A wonderful stone for the home or work environment, offering protection from negativity, bringing focus and strengthening communication. Inspiring us to engage into the world and assisting us in dealing with difficult situations. An earthy crystal improving our connection with nature, grounding and cleansing us, creating safety within and beyond. A helping hand & remedy for... Panic Attacks | Electromagnetic Fog | Detoxification | Meditation |  Road Rage | Tension | Disagreements | Grounding | Anxiety | Fear | Fatigue | Radiation | Letting Go | New Beginnings | Change We have Smokey Quartz available in it's natural form, bracelets and necklaces. We also offer a bespoke service, designed to compliment your intentions and we'd be more than happy to create a unique piece of jewellery especially for you or a loved one... Please pop us an email to find out more

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