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Our Market Family:: Part 2

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

To continue on from our previous post about some of our Market family, we'd like to introduce some more talented members who's work we admire for the magic they bring and the special imprint they make across the community...

We have Lesley, our beautiful market Mayfly:

Jewellery designed and handmade by Lesley. Her inspiration is the ever evolving natural world from the changing seasons, the vast star filled skies to the hedgerows and their micro worlds.

All the materials used are natural and ethically sourced such as Silver, Gold (yellow, rose & white), platinum and gemstones.

Contact the lovely Lesley directly for more info or bespoke orders...


We have Rachael, our fun loving eco warrior:

'A Zero Waste Journey', inspires us by how taking just 'One Small Step' can change the paradigms of how we consume. Rachael's concept shows us how convenient and easy a zero-waste lifestyle can be, providing a variety of alternatives to single-use plastic that are out there. You will be pleasantly surprised!

'One Small Step - A Zero Waste Journey' offers an array of food to home cleaning to personal cleansing products, to all of the zero-waste reusable lifestyle products that your heart desires..

Now offering a delivery service for all those essentials, get in touch with Rachel for more details:

Website coming soon:


And there's Aiden bringing some flower power into our lives!

Fresh Flowers, the creators of beautiful wild & organic blooms are now delivering across South Manchester⁣ - So whether you are looking to brighten up your home or someone else's day, get in touch with them or just send them a message & they can create a tailored bouquet just for you. ⁣


Then there's Ang & Ian and their yellow campervan, spreading sunshine wherever they go!

Ian Wild, the Salford potter, set up Fire Station Square Pottery with his life partner, Ang Matthews, deep in the heart of Salford. Ian became interested in working with clay whilst travelling in Japan. He produces hand thrown, strong pots fired to stoneware temperatures resulting in high quality products perfect for oven to table ware.


And there is Cassie & Bev, our kick ass Mother and Daughter duo:

Room 356, a homeware store with an Independent spirit. It all began in October 2014 with a shared vision to create a homeware store working closely with independent brands, designers and makers offering a curated collection of handmade goods.


There's still more of the family to introduce but for now, we hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse of the stories behind this wonderful lot...

A big cheers to all for bringing your creativity to life and creating such a vibrant environment for us all to share!

Hope you are all staying sane, spreading smiles and finding joy.

Hugest hugs,



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