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Meeting Lumago

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Back in August 2016 we ventured to Dumaguete City in the Central Philippines where our spirits were heightened by the inspirational ladies of Lumago and their ongoing creative journey committed to triple bottom line sustainability: People, Planet, Promise which is a vision very similar to our own and close to our hearts.

In 2011 a typhoon arrived in their city, devastating parts of the community and their livelihoods on the city’s dumpsite. Hope was found through the need of sourcing another income, encouraged by Whitney Fleming an American social worker, a group of women from the community started learning to make beads rolled from paper.

That’s when the creative journey of Lumago began, inspiring each other through their visionary ideas, these women started designing and producing one of a kind pieces of jewellery made from paper beads.

6 years later, I arrived in Dumaguete with little knowledge of the devastation that had occurred. Meeting these inspirational ladies and their mentors Becky and Spencer, I listened to their story of strength and passion, positivity through creativity and their uplifting adventure since Lumago first began. Hearing the continuous improvement of livelihoods and their shining positivity and determination amongst the community is just incredible. This wonderful co-created project is continuously blossoming not just enriching lives financially but also environmentally, creatively and soulfully.

Meet the ladies for yourself…

Our 'Freedom Range' is a collaboration with these remarkable ladies, a fusion of their carefully handcrafted paper beads strung together with Sterling Silver feathers and natural crystals.

Take a peek at the designs here: Freedom Range

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