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Mala Making & Women Empowerment from Balinese Women's Cooperative

Rudraksha Japa Malas (108 beads) carefully handmade in Bali by 3 talented ladies based in East Bali. From the founder and entrepreneur herself, here is Eka's story:

"I have always liked crystals, like amethyst and citrine, I also like rudraksha. I am a midwife/ nurse but I am very interested in the beauty and function of crystals, rudraksha and their ability to physically, psychically and spiritually vibrate so as to maintain health and even cure disease. I am a frequent visitor to the gem stores and had a dream to have a similar store in order to support my family's income. I started making necklaces and bracelets for my friends and started to follow the community of entrepreneurial women, so I often joined the bazaar and exhibition of creative products that I made myself.

"I believe that every woman has great potential to develop herself so that they can become an independent woman and can finally help family finance."

In 2014 I started my masters degree in public health, from that moment I was overwhelmed with dividing my time between study and producing products, so I teach techniques to make bracelets, necklaces and crystal trees to 3 of my neighbouring women. Starting in 2015 I opened a small shop in my home garage. The women I have worked with until now are the women who have the will to learn new skills so they can master the techniques of making the products I teach."

- Eka :: Entrepreneur & Founder

Take a peek at the latest designs, now available online:

Each necklace has been individually blessed in a singing bowl, infused with Patchouli oil and strung together with Rudraksha, Lava and Natural Crystals.


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