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Cleansing with Selenite

Spring Clean with High Vibrational Selenite

❊ Cleanse and protect your home: Selenite sticks can be placed on windowsills, by doorways and in front of fire places creating a wall of protection. Keeping the energy clear and light.

❊ Auric Cleanse: Brush through your Aura getting rid of any dense areas that could be a build up of negativity and emotions before they show up in the physical body. Shake off any dense energy caught up in the stick to the ground or sky for it to be transmuted.

❊ Grids & Webs: Selenite is quite abundant and therefore not expensive so have fun with the high vibrational energy creating grids and webs.

❊ Cleansing Selenite: Some feel that selenite is self cleansing, you can be the judge. If you feel it’s been working over time and needs a cleanse use sound, sage, palo santo but not water as it’s very soft and will dissolve. It can then have a recharge in the moon or sun.

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