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Chakra Healing :: Root Chakra

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Root Chakra :: Muladhara

Is your Root Chakra in balance?

Located at the base of our spine, this energy point is responsible for our feeling of safety & security. When the root chakra is balanced this gives a good foundation for the other chakras to work properly.

Unbalanced Root Chakra:

If our root chakra is unbalanced and sluggish we can feel overwhelmed, despair and victimised. We may feel ungrounded, a sense of loneliness and a lack of self confidence. Feeling detached from the world anxious and lacking in direction.

Balanced Root Chakra:

A balanced root chakra enables us to stay focused and grounded during challenging times. It helps us to feel there is order, security, structure, stability and belonging in the world, an appreciation for nature and our planet.

Feeling Unbalanced?

Here are some things to try which will help balance your root chakra:

  • Meditation - the sense organ mostly connected to our root chakra is our sense of smell. Focus on breathing and the tip of the nose.

  • Yoga - specific yoga poses to help open and align the root:

Padmasana, lotus flexion

Malasana, squatting pose

Pavanamuktasana, knee to chest pose

Janu Sirsansana, head to knee pose

  • Music - music brings people together, it can also help us bring ourselves back to balance. Drumming, singing and dancing, repeating mantras and chanting the corresponding sound to each chakra (in this case LAM) creates vibrations in our bodies, these vibrations help our cells work together in harmony.

  • Crystals - Using healing crystals and colours can also help us recharge:

Hematite, Obsidian, Onyx, Smokey Quartz and Garnet.

If you feel your root chakra is unbalanced and would like us to create a specific piece of jewellery using these stones we would be more than happy to make something specially for you to match your intentions!

Take a deep breath and LAMMMMMM

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