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Carnelian :: The Confidence, Courage Stone

Sacral Chakra Jewellery: Carnelian
Sacral Chakra Jewellery from Kanoa Living

Enhancing: vitality | motivation | presence | personal power | passion | fertility | stability | eloquence | creativity | independence | sensuality | flexibility | focus | action | spontaneity | playfulness | empowerment | leadership.

Colour: Shades of peach; warm pinks, oranges, reds and browns.

Chakra: Sacral Chakra/ Svadhishthana

Carnelian, a stone that embodies the warmth of the setting sun, from the Chalcedony variety of the Quartz family. Its name is derived from the latin 'carne' meaning flesh due to it's peachy glow, yet it is also a stone deeply linked to our physical bodies in other ways too. Carnelian encourages us to be IN our body, it is a stone that encourages to make use of our physical presence in the world, promoting physical action and the enjoyment of sensory pleasures.

History: In ancient times a timid speaker would wear Carnelian in order to be eloquent and bold in speeches, similarly warriors would wear it to feel powerful and strong and overcome their enemies. It was also worn by Egyptian architects and alchemists who used it to activate the energies of other Chalcedonies. 

A helping hand and remedy for: pregnancy | making speeches | stimulating the appetite| physical training | business ventures |repression of feelings | confusion| over dependency | fear of sexuality | lethargy | overcoming abuse | mid life crisis

We have Carnelian available in bracelet and pendant form. We also offer a bespoke service, designed to compliment your intentions and we'd be more than happy to create a unique piece of jewellery especially for you or a loved one...

Please pop us an email to find out more

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